“New pyramids” revisited and an archaeological background!

Unfortunately, the work of researchers who discovered “new pyramids” through space satellite imaging may have been a little…shall we say, wrong! Looking at the images, it is clear to see why one might think the square mounds near an Egyptian town called Dimai are pyramids, the smaller mounds almost seem to mirror the same constellation alignment as the great pyramids, and they certainly appear to have man made elements to their structure.

Mounds that showed up on satellite picture via cosmiclog

Alas, these “newly discovered pyramids” are in fact well known, and have been the subject of survey for a few years and the Soknopaiou Nesos Project intend to excavate the area soon. The Egyptologist’s who have been surveying the Fayoum area say that these are naturally forming mounds with possibly buildings surmounting them. Davoli, co-director of the Saknopaiou Nesos Project, said the prevailing view is that the structures might have been watchtowers, designed to look over “an agricultural area or a paleo-lake just in front of them to the east,” or perhaps tombs.

Many scholars have been quick to say that Micol, who headed the satellite imagery survey, was right to think they are man made structures, but she was blind to the fact that the structures weren’t newly discovered and were well known, with many archaeological sites around the area.

You can find out more here Cosmiclog.

I can’t wait to see what the new project finds!

All the best,


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